Meet the Maker Team

smbsfuDr. Shawn Michael Bullock, P.Phys., has enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together (often with varying degrees of success), and tinkering with technology since he was a small child. He is currently an assistant professor of science education in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. Dr. Bullock’s research focuses on the epistemological problem of how we learn from experience, with particular attention to how pre-service and early-career science teachers learn from the problems and tensions they encounter in personal practice. He is particularly interested in how problems of learning science, problems of learning to teach science, and problems of learning to teach science using digital technologies interact with one other. More information about Dr. Bullock can be found here.

Andrea J. Sator is the Curriculum Manager for the Co-operative Education Program at Simon Fraser University. In her most recent undertaking, Andrea is excited to continue the exploration in the use of educational theories and technologies for learning and teaching through her PhD program in the Faculty of Education at SFU. She is the lead research assistant on this project.